Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Is The Feng Shui Blue Rhino Meaning

Feng Shui means a spiritual and ideological method that is intended to harmonize the human existence with its encompassing surroundings. It works with the hidden energies that are thought to function the universe and bring it together with humans.

Every year a new Feng Shui reading is set for the year to represent the different areas in life that are in difficulty and others that will be flourishing. Many colors and symbols are used in an auspicious manner to safeguard against the hazardous forces in general and some that are more specific for the year.  Representations are often of physical objects or animals and are usually used together to render protection and support away from the disadvantageous forces.

The Feng Shui Blue Rhino is one of the less known representations of Feng Shui and it is used mainly to protect against violating energy. It is used as a resource to push away the threatening flying star and hence moving the violating energy. Generally, the violating energy is seen as a unwanted power that negatively affects professions and the financial side of activities. Violating energy is considered to cause things such as robbery, accidents, and backstabbing, along with concerns such as rise in political competition, as well as office competitors. It is one of the more crucial symbols that will protect one’s career from any potential unforeseen accidents and from issues that were not envisioned.  They also drive away the violating spirit and watch over the well-being of your dwelling and that of your family members.

The Feng Shui blue rhino is a especially important auspicious character in the year 2013 because it is a year where the seven metal forces are prevalent making issues such as burglaries, injuries, financial uncertainty and careers mishaps more frequent than in other years.
The feng Shui Blue Rhino is preferably used in sets. For ultimate protection of your home from burglary and people with bad objectives, it is best if you put a pair of blue rhinos near the entranceway door to you home facing in direction of the outside so that it keeps burglars, people with bad purposes and problems away from your residence.

It is also typically used among businesspersons as it protects against careers problems. It is advisable that it be placed in pairs on the entry of a business facing outside to keep competition and intruders out and protect the business from wrong intentions.

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